Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden Debate

Just before the debate I heard liberal democrat Bob Beckel on The Five say that he thinks Paul Ryan is going to use too many facts, too many details and specifics because "he is prone to do that."  Beckel was correct in that Ryan did use specifics, but I was not offended by hearing specific facts. 

However, I was offended by Joe Biden's constant interruptions, shouting, and outright lies!

Strangely, the liberals, Bob Beckel included, have been saying that they have not heard enough details from republicans. Again, the liberals talk out of both sides of their mouths, and are never intellectually honest.

 As Joe Biden and Paul Ryan squared off for the debate, Ryan took his time to respectfully produce facts about the Romney/Ryan plan to fix America, while Joe Biden did little outside of play the liberal card of saying, "liar," when ever the facts were proving to make the Obama administration appear what it is. 
This formula seems to be the only thing the Obama/Biden ticket has to run on. Basically what ever the opponent says, they just simply counter with, "liar!", in the same manner that children do when met with an uncomfortable situation.

Joe Biden made every attempt to intimidate Paul Ryan by laughing, rolling his eyes, not directly answering the questions and trying to sway the audience into believing that Ryan is lying before Paul Ryan could even opened his mouth. 

Since the Obama administration has no real leg to stand on, Biden's strategy was to keep the audience from getting the opportunity to listen to Ryan give a level headed speech about the real issues, and he kept his own mouth going as much as possible, with the strategy to let the 90 minutes expire without the viewers ever really getting the chance to hear Paul Ryan speak.

Joe Biden was probably on his first set of teeth and getting his first facelift when Paul Ryan was born. 

He is 30 years Paul Ryan's senior, and although crazy Joe has been attached to numerous gaffs and embarrassing  failures by the Obama administration, he knows how to tell a lie with a straight face and draw listeners away from reality and into his barking, biting rants. 

Biden reminded me of Chris Matthews as he placed his prop smiled on his face intermittently between rambling, mindless stories that had nothing to do with the facts. Biden knows that the average person with no real comprehension of issues will believe that he is talking to them when he repeats things about poor people and shows distaste for the rich. 

Joe Biden is another limousine liberal who likes to talk as though he is a coal miner with an understanding of the poor. Most workers see this attitude as patronizing.

Joe Biden shouted, smirked, and said, "oh god" while Ryan make his points. 

The whole charade is obviously part of the democrats formula to hide their own ineptness and failures. 

Just keep calling Romney and Ryan liars, and maybe we will gain supporters by November.

The democrats ultimate hope is that people will be stupid enough to believe Biden's eye rolling and phony stories over the facts. 

One of the most important facts is that the economy is in the dumps and Obama said that if unemployment were to go above 8%; he has failed as a president and does not deserve to be re-elected. 

Twenty minutes into the debate Biden's childish, giggly and bullying tactics were getting pretty old, and even the simplest liberals were aware that Joe Biden had done it again; he had made a first class ass out of himself and the Obama administration.

Ryan did rise to the occasion by reminding Joe that "things don't always come out the way we want them to." Upon hearing this Biden did it again. He gaffed big time! He stated, "but I always say what I mean."

Really Joe? You thing J-O-B-S is a three letter word!

Really Joe? You want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars!

Well thank you for letting us know.

Ryan then pointed out that the Obama administration passed the stimulus and drove the country down deeper into the recession.  Biden interrupted, and unfortunately the moderator did not control the belligerent Biden, who made a point of telling viewers to go to his website to read what he has to say.

At one point Biden turned his school yard bullying on the female moderator, pointing his finger and attempting to intimidate her into backing off the Obama administration.

As poorly as Obama did in his debate with Romney, I think Biden did even worse against Ryan. I do also believe that he will not be viewed by the general public as having done as poorly because simply, a big gas bag comes across with at least more confidence  than one who looks down and can't make eye contact. 
But ultimately do we want to continue  having a big wind bag in the white house? Barking patronizing stories about being poor, while the middle class continues to dwindle under the Obama administration.


  1. I was sad when Ryan didn't stand up for himself and I got pissed when he didn't stand up for the veterans. No Democrat should be allowed to take credit for ANYTHING in Iraq except our soldiers dying because of ever changing ROE, Democrats underfunding our military,Obama leaking intelligence to the enemy and Democrats releasing admitted terrorists from Gitmo.

    I don't care if Biden's got a kid in the military, so did Cindy Sheehan. I know a ton of seditious fascists who are related to service members or "are friends with one" and they treat the service members in their lives with nothing but contempt. Shame on the Democrats and shame on the liar Biden. Who will stand up to Joey Biden?!

  2. Thank you for the insightful comment. I agree with you 100%.