Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama Lied, People Died

To vote for Obama is to vote against the American people. 

The biggest white house scandal of all time is unfolding right now, and the main stream media is ignoring it.

Both CNN and MSNBC, among others, have backed Obama for more than four years and coming out with the facts about the Obama administration at this point would make all of them look foolish, and as a result, they are talking about nonsense and ignoring Benghazi, which makes them part of the white house scandal and the shady cover up. 

 This massive coverup  starts at the white house and extends through the media. ABC News is ignoring emails regarding the Libya scandal, while CNN is trying to spread a fear that some politicians may believe that everyone should be responsible for their own birth control. Meanwhile the families of the dead are left with questions.

On September 11, 2012 the American Embassy was attacked by terrorists. The white house was watching the entire scenario unfold in real time. The Navy Seals who were on the ground at the time of the uprising asked the the white house for orders to go in and protect, and were told to "stand down". This scenario was repeated three times when finally the Seals decided to ignore the orders and to ahead with a rescue attempt. Sadly the lives of Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith along with Ambassador Stevens were all lost.

 Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, has come out to tell the story of his son the Navy Seal who was killed in Libya. Charles spoke to President Obama and Hilary Clinton when his sons body was brought back. Obama said I am sorry in a quick and cold manner that did nothing to put the family at rest.  Mr. Woods could also tell that president Obama was agitated by the whole situation as well as Hilary Clinton. Hilary actually said that "we are going to arrest the person who made that film." Charles knew that this was a lie. He knew this tragedy was not the result of a video and he knew that his sons death was the result of the men rioting in Libya, not the result of an American playing with a camera.
Obama Picture & American flag being burned in Afganistan

Charles later discovered that the president watched his son being murdered in real time and did nothing. The heroic efforts of his son along with the fact that he was an honest man, puts Charles at ease today. But, he will always have disgust for the pettiness of the Obama administration, and their coldness toward the heroic Navy Seals.

After immediately telling the American public that this attack on the American Embassy and the deaths of four Americans was the result of someone making a silly anti Muslim film and posting it to youtube, the Obama administration looks pretty fishy. Yet, they are not being pressed to tell the truth.

On October 27th President Obama declined to answer directly whether a CIA annex was denied urgent requests for military assistance during the deadly attacks last month on U.S. outposts in Libya.

Why did Obama lie? 

The economy has not really budged  since Obama has taken office, and gas prices are at an all time high. Before Obama was elected president, he said that he would get the economy thriving and decrease gas prices. Having failed at both of these major points, Obama was planning on running his campaign for a second term on telling the American public that there have been no terrorist attacks since he has been in office. This is believed to be why he threw four Americans under the bus. He wanted to get re-elected at all costs.

The terrorism and anti Americanism world wide has not changed and never will. America needs to feel comfortable with just being America and stop trying to gain the affection of the whole world.

Libya 9-11-2012

 The photo on the right shows Benghazi at the height of the attack. Ambassador Stevens died of smoke inhalation, and Tyrone woods was found slumped over his his gun. He fired his weapon in an effort to save the lives of Americans who were being attacked and was murdered while bravely standing at his post.

The Obama campaign did not let up. The president has been seen on a number of talk shows gracing over the terrorist attack and talking about light hearted issues.

This is how he was elected the first time. Talking about music, dance moves and fun things that encourage people to like him. The families of the dead are not laughing along with the president. They want to face the truth, and they want this white house to come clean regardless of the campaign.

Obama on a talk show weeks after the terrorist attack.

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Writer-Mario De La Huerta

Friday, October 19, 2012

Time to Boycott NBC News for Blatant Distortion of Facts On Zimmerman Case

I think that a News program or channel should be just that; News. I don't mean that there should be no fluff, as I realize the light presentations that often accompany the serious news are what keeps people interested. I do not, however, condone false news just for the sensationalism of it. Especially when someones freedom and right to a fair trial are at stake. This is why I am boycotting NBC News. 

When I first heard about the Zimmerman/Martin case I was disgusted with Zimmerman for hunting down an innocent looking kid and shooting him. As facts have been emerging over the past several weeks we have learned that Treyvon Martin was not just a kid walking, but a troubled youth who when confronted by Zimmerman, attached him. I have been questioned in my mother's gated community security guard. I just simply respond to the questions and move on. Does it feel a little intimidating? Yes. Is it a little insulting? Yes. But I realize that it is a gated community and that is what the guard is being paid to do. We also have seen the photo NBC was showing of Treyvon, is appears to be the most sweet, and innocent looking one in existence of this youth.

My point being that if they were presenting facts, they should use a typical photo that resembles the real kid, they obviously went out of their way to present this as an attack on an innocent victim. The final straw for me was when I heard the un cut tape of the real scenario. NBC had edited the recording so that Zimmerman seemed to be saying, he looks suspicious, he looks black. Actually, Zimmerman said, he looks suspicious because of the way he is darting around, after the 911 operator asked what the race was, Zimmerman responded, "he looks black."

 A far cry from the facts. Now the crazies are all coming
out and trying to use the case to their advantage. Zimmerman does not stand to get a fair trial. The black panthers, also known as the black KKK, are asking for Zimmerman's head. At this time we are hearing some facts, and a lot of distorted, emotional feelings that do not really have a place in the real trial. NBC has been Irresponsible considering there is a bounty on Zimmerman, and they have deliberately started a racial disturbance for the sake of sensationalism.

Treyvon Martin
 I don't believe that they have any place in risking the life of Zimmerman for their ratings. They are also guilty of doing the same thing decades ago with the Rodney King trial and again the OJ Simpson case. Justice can not accurately be served when there are so many distortions being presented in our own living rooms. 

I want the facts, because based on the truth, I will have an opinion, and I think that if I were a security guard and felt as though I needed to do my job, and in the process a young guy like Treyvon started to beat me, I would see my life, and the lives of my loved ones flashing before me, and I would shoot him too. I think when common sense is included in the equation, the facts are clear. Does anyone truly think that they, in Zimmerman's position, would just take the beating, hoping to survive it; and further hoping that Treyvon does not see the gun and shoot him with it? I don't think so. Because human nature in the fight or flight to save oneself.

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Writer- Victorio Valentino

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike Wallace, His Grand Career and Interview Style

Legendary News Man Mike(Myron) Wallace Passed Away from natural causes at 93 in 2012


When Mike Wallace wanted to know something he asked it.

 We have lost a news legend in 2012. Mike Wallace, whose inimitable style will not be forgotten. He passed away at age 93. In an age where many reporters seem to be genuinely concerned with themselves and how they will come across, Wallace seemed focused like a laser beam on the story. 

To see clips of Mike Wallace conduct an interview can be down right riveting. As a child watching 60 minutes, I was afraid of him. The camera would be so close up of interviewed's face displaying their discomfort while Mike asked his probing questions.

 I have since heard that Mike believed by doing this, the audience would see the truth. Even though I did not understand the interview, I recognized that Mike Wallace commanded respect, as many celebrities seemed genuinely intimidated by this man. There is no one like him today. He created interest by his serious and well researched questions, not because he was vulgar like wannabees, Bill Maher, who lacks the class and intelligence that is required for credibility and respect.

His son, however, Chris Wallace is an excellent reporter on the best and most trusted cable news channel, Fox News. With many of his father's greatest attributes, and bearing a close resemblance to Mike Wallace, he can be seen on Fox News Sunday delivering the news and and displaying a professional and intelligent persona that is quite a bit softer than is father's. Chris is intelligent, fair and trustworthy, but not frightening. Instead he is very approachable and extremely likable. There is no way to honestly dislike Chris Wallace.

Early Years/Myron Wallace

Mike Wallace was originally Myron Wallace, he was influenced in college to do public speeking and school newspapers, and planned on being a English Professor, but when he found his talent in speaking and writing, Mike Wallace immerged as an announcer, radio game show host of Information Please, in the 1930's. In the 1940's he was a staff announcer at the CBS radio network. During the 1950's he hosted a number of game shows, and even acted, before landing his big break with ABC's The Mike Wallace Interview. in 1968 he began 60 minutes, and then moved on to CBS. Mike Wallace did such a fine job of developing his serious interview style that it is difficult to imagine him doing anything else. He most definitely boosted the ratings of 60 minutes. Unfortunately, Mr. Wallace battled depression the last years of his life due to a scandal and lawsuit. He won a much deserved Emmy at age 89.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Romney vs Ryan Debate 2 with Shill Moderator, Candy Crowley

The debate starts out civilized and calm, until the schill moderator, Candy Crowley interrupted Mitt Romney and allowed Obama to run on with a tremendous barrage of propaganda that he could not support by any facts. Governor Romney tried to defend his position and explain with facts when shill Candy stated that she needed to move on and would come back later.

Governor Romney had to get tough when Barack Obama resorted to Vice President Joe Biden's methods of lying and telling the crowd that Mitt Romney is the liar. Obama was well prepared with lies and manipulation, and would not answer questions directly. He then tried to instill fear in the hearts of Americans by insinuating that Romney's plan is somehow connected to the recession that we are living in right now.

Obama further put words in Mitt Romney's mouth in his attempt to brainwash the crowd into believing that these are in fact Mitt Romney's ideas.

Romney tried vainly to turn the debate into a fair presentation of both sides. It is truly un-democratic to have liberal moderators at all of the debates. This is reminiscent of the democratic convention having their "vote" on replacing god in their platform. The result had nothing to do with the question asked. The DNC had already decided to go ahead with it.

Romney tried on numerous occasions to explain the "facts" that democrats have been asking for, yet whenever he got a few good words out, the moderator cut him off and moved on to Obama. The president rambled stories and led the focus away from the failed economy and geared toward skin color.

It appeared that there was some kind of conspiracy between the moderator and Obama  to not let Romney speak.

Surprisingly, Obama would not shut up and heckles Romney as he tried to talk. The schill moderator at one point did say don't talk to each other back and fourth. Obama paid no attention to the request and went on making childish comments, interrupting Mitt Romney.

Romney sat respectfully while Obama looked right at him and told lies about what his own plan would be.

I had no intention of voting for Obama, but before this debate I thought Obama was a nice man, but a bad president, now I think he is the bottom of the barrel.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Politicizing the Murders in Libya; The White House Lies

David Axelrod, and the democratic party are trying desperately to keep the public from focusing on the dishonesty of the Obama administration with regard to the murders of four Americans in Libya.

Mitt Romney

 Axelrod criticizes Mitt Romney for politicizing the Libya tragedy. The only thing David Axelrod has forgotten is that politics are always politicized, and his attempts to stop asking questions about the events leading up the the murders is the democrats way of politicizing the tragedy. 

Four years ago the American people were told to shut up and let the Obama administration push a stimulus package through without knowing what it was all about, and as a result, Americans still do not know what they agreed to pass. 

Now the democrats want Americans to leave Obama alone, and not question what is going on in his administration so that he can more easily be re-elected. 

 This time Americans must be inquisitive about what Obama and Hilary Clinton tried to cover up, and lot let themselves be bullied into silence by the Obama administration or the crooked democrats who will stop at nothing to keep pushing their party into the white house.

As obedient liberals write articles and spin stories about republicans and Mitt Romney, and how they should not be allowed to talk about this matter because it may hinder Obama's chances for re-election, it reminds me of the law they wanted to pass before Obama was first elected in 2008. 

There was such a powerful movement to push Obama into the white house, that liberals across the country were talking about passing a law that would make it illegal to say anything negative about Obama. 

This would not be the system of a free country.

David Axelrod and the democrats are again trying to push a Nazi -like movement toward the murders in Libya, and are sugar coating it with  "empathy for the families" of murdered Americans.

Sean Smith, Murdered in Libya
Axelrod stated that Christopher Stevens family does not wish for their sons death to be politicized, and Axelrod is now politicizing that statement for the gain of the Obama administration.

Sean Smith is also one of the murdered who's mother is furious with Obama and his shifty administration. She wants the democrats and the Obama administration to be held accountable for her sons murder, due to their lack of interest with regards to protecting Americans.

Honestly, the biggest white house scandal of all time is happening right now, and Americans are letting themselves be hushed by slick politicians such as Axelrod.  

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan paid tribute to Stevens and fellow Americans Sean Smith, Glen A. Doherty and Tyrone S.

Fortunately Mitt Romney has the guts to speak up about what went on in Libya. The democrats are now spreading lies about Romney on a daily basis in effort to frighten him into ignoring the deaths of four Americans. But Governor Romney is proving himself to be a strong and moral man in many ways.  He is is compassionate and concerned for those who were so savagely murdered on September 12, 2012.

It is refreshing to know that Mitt Romney is the type of man who would do the right thing while in the white house. 

Months before he was murdered, Ambassador Stevens asked the white house for more security, and was ignored. 

Why was he ignored? 

Because Obama did not want an open scandal while he was campaigning for re-election.

It just doesn't get any more political than that.

Within 24 hours of the murders Hilary Clinton was on television stating that the murders of these four Americans was the fault of a guy who made a low budget movie that was negative towards Muslims, Period.

The Obama white house covered up the fact that this was a terrorist  attack and they are still trying to keep Americans in the dark by sending out toadies such as David Axelrod, to use a lot of fancy rhetoric and blame republicans for trying to get to the bottom of things. 

That's right- Obama lied, People died!

Its the oldest manipulation tactic in the world. -

"If you can't blame the victims, blame the people who are trying to expose the criminal."

I am confident that the American people can see through the white houses lies, and its verbal jiu jitsu. 

The democrats are politicizing the murders by brushing them under the rug.

Only the hard chore liberals, who will basically say, "yes master," to whatever the democratic party has to say, will fall for this democratic song and dance.

This is America and we need to demand that the white house tell us the truth!

Regardless of his campaign for re-election....

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barack Obama Approval Rating, and Joe Biden

Barack Obama enjoyed a high approval rating when he first took office. 

Never before had a president had such a clean slate to work with. 

The media pumped him up in every way. 

Mitt Romney Barack Obama Debate

Even with some extremely negative attributes going against him, such as virtually no previous experience as a governor, and an obviously fudged up position as a Senator for several days that had been just a platform for his run for the Presidency, the general public ignored his shortcomings and welcomed him to the white house with the belief that he would surround himself with very knowledgeable people who would make up for his own shortcomings.

Obama supporters pointed to Joe Biden as prima facie evidence of his strong ability to make decisions and lead.

Joe Biden has been in politics since 1970, became Senator in 1972, and was re-elected six times. He had everything that Barack Obama was lacking in politics. A real history as a Senator, who served as county council, was chairman of  the Foreign Relations Committee. He also chaired the Judiciary Committee during the Supreme Court nominations of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. An impressive history indeed.

He also ran for the democratic presidential nominee in 1988, but ran into trouble due to a tremendous scandal in which he was found to be guilty of plagiarism on many levels.

He had made speeches that were written by other politicians and were used publicly in other countries. It was not difficult to pin down exactly where he had stolen his speeches. His blatant dishonesty was frowned upon during the 1980s, when Americans expected the truth.

Ronald Reagan had just been president and no matter what was happening in the Reagan white house, he told the American people the truth. Even at one point telling the country that he had made a mistake. All presidents make mistakes, but few admit it where thy went wrong and tell the American people.  America had been spoiled by Reagan, and was not about to settle on a guy would did not have what it takes to write his own speeches. Biden disappeared for a while, and George H. Bush was the next president of the United States. 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama

In 2008, Joe Biden was back with a vengance. He was seeking the presidency once again. He made an effort to run away with the democratic nomination up against Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards,Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson.

 Barack Obama was the nominee and Joe Biden would be his running mate, much to the delight of the democratic party.

Obama could be the smooth and likable guy for appearances and Joe could be the brains and experience. 

Shortly after the initial honeymoon with the liberal press, Obama and Biden began to show weakness in every way. 

Obama gave depressing speeches about the "Great Recession." His early speeches offered nothing in which Americans had been accustomed to.

The speeches were helpless, and negative, as opposed to upbeat, and with the attitude of pulling together to get out of the hole we were in. He was basically trying to condition the American people that he was not responsible for anything negative that was happening. He then famously blamed George Bush, the former Republican President for everything negative about jobs, real estate and the overall economy.

How long would the American people be willing to listen to this before they would make Obama start taking responsibility for his lack of actions.

Obama was soon receiving criticism for not taking the attitude that Ronald Reagan took the last time the country was in a recession, by rallying the country to prosperity with speeches of exceptionalism and tax cuts that would generate action.

The next four years presented little change as the country plodded along. 

Because Obama's campaign had been so powerful and so many people wanted to believe in him, he still had a high approval rating.

It was not until 2012 that those who were running out of unemployment benefits, students who who could not find jobs, and struggling families began taking a fresh look at the Obama administration.

Under the Obama administration long term unemployment doubled.
There were 2.6 million unemployed for more than 6 months when Obama took office, and by June of 2012, that number had soared more than 100 percent to 5.3 million.

On September 12, 2012 four Americans, including the American Ambassador to Libya were murdered in a terrorizing five hour attack. This was a terrorist attack that was in the works for several months.

The American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, had been asking for more security and stating that he was in fear for his life. The Obama white house ignored his requests due to not wanting to rock the boat during his own campaign for re-election.

Obama's white house made an effort to cover up the fact that America was the victim of another terrorist attack by reporting publicly that the reason four Americans were murdered is because an American made a 15 minute film that was negative toward Muslims. Hilary Clinton and President Obama both made a point of going on national television to tell the American public that this was not a terrorist attack, but an uprising due to the film being shown on youtube. 

It did not take long before the country discovered the truth and the white house began changing their story and stating that, "this could be the result of a terrorist attack."

 Even with negative job numbers, and a white house cover up, many Americans were not willing to totally give up on Obama until  the first debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. 

President Obama's administration had been filled with the same repetitive rhetoric for over three years, and it had always resulted in no improvement as far as job creations go and promises of higher gas prices and higher taxes. Yet people trusted him because they liked the way he presented his speeches. He appeared confident and knowledgeable while reading a teleprompter.

In October 3, 2012 Governor Mitt Romney showed Obama what a leader looks like. Americans saw for the first time in years a true commander in chief.

Barack Obama was clearly outclassed as Mitt Romney, a man with exceptional experience in the private sector and as a Governor, debunked Obama's negative propaganda that Romney would raise taxes. Romney pointed out how he would lover taxes on the middle class to stimulate the economy, and create jobs. 

Obama began to look down and in the opposite direction of Mitt Romney, clearly lost without his teleprompter.

Mitt Romney, Presidential Material
For many it was a first real look at the President. His lack of interest, experience and organization were obvious.

Immediately after the debate, all the money Obama was spending on the negative ads were overshadowed by the performance by Mitt Romney, and the weak showing by President Obama. The common sense of the American people was starting to prevail.

Numerous energized voters with a new and upbeat attitude toward the country casting their vote for Romney, and expressing a renewed confidence in the country.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama Says We Need Bipartisanship

The Obama administration has stated throughout its term that, "we need bipartisanship."

Joe said get out of the way. Not lets work together.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden Debate

Just before the debate I heard liberal democrat Bob Beckel on The Five say that he thinks Paul Ryan is going to use too many facts, too many details and specifics because "he is prone to do that."  Beckel was correct in that Ryan did use specifics, but I was not offended by hearing specific facts. 

However, I was offended by Joe Biden's constant interruptions, shouting, and outright lies!

Strangely, the liberals, Bob Beckel included, have been saying that they have not heard enough details from republicans. Again, the liberals talk out of both sides of their mouths, and are never intellectually honest.

 As Joe Biden and Paul Ryan squared off for the debate, Ryan took his time to respectfully produce facts about the Romney/Ryan plan to fix America, while Joe Biden did little outside of play the liberal card of saying, "liar," when ever the facts were proving to make the Obama administration appear what it is. 
This formula seems to be the only thing the Obama/Biden ticket has to run on. Basically what ever the opponent says, they just simply counter with, "liar!", in the same manner that children do when met with an uncomfortable situation.

Joe Biden made every attempt to intimidate Paul Ryan by laughing, rolling his eyes, not directly answering the questions and trying to sway the audience into believing that Ryan is lying before Paul Ryan could even opened his mouth. 

Since the Obama administration has no real leg to stand on, Biden's strategy was to keep the audience from getting the opportunity to listen to Ryan give a level headed speech about the real issues, and he kept his own mouth going as much as possible, with the strategy to let the 90 minutes expire without the viewers ever really getting the chance to hear Paul Ryan speak.

Joe Biden was probably on his first set of teeth and getting his first facelift when Paul Ryan was born. 

He is 30 years Paul Ryan's senior, and although crazy Joe has been attached to numerous gaffs and embarrassing  failures by the Obama administration, he knows how to tell a lie with a straight face and draw listeners away from reality and into his barking, biting rants. 

Biden reminded me of Chris Matthews as he placed his prop smiled on his face intermittently between rambling, mindless stories that had nothing to do with the facts. Biden knows that the average person with no real comprehension of issues will believe that he is talking to them when he repeats things about poor people and shows distaste for the rich. 

Joe Biden is another limousine liberal who likes to talk as though he is a coal miner with an understanding of the poor. Most workers see this attitude as patronizing.

Joe Biden shouted, smirked, and said, "oh god" while Ryan make his points. 

The whole charade is obviously part of the democrats formula to hide their own ineptness and failures. 

Just keep calling Romney and Ryan liars, and maybe we will gain supporters by November.

The democrats ultimate hope is that people will be stupid enough to believe Biden's eye rolling and phony stories over the facts. 

One of the most important facts is that the economy is in the dumps and Obama said that if unemployment were to go above 8%; he has failed as a president and does not deserve to be re-elected. 

Twenty minutes into the debate Biden's childish, giggly and bullying tactics were getting pretty old, and even the simplest liberals were aware that Joe Biden had done it again; he had made a first class ass out of himself and the Obama administration.

Ryan did rise to the occasion by reminding Joe that "things don't always come out the way we want them to." Upon hearing this Biden did it again. He gaffed big time! He stated, "but I always say what I mean."

Really Joe? You thing J-O-B-S is a three letter word!

Really Joe? You want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars!

Well thank you for letting us know.

Ryan then pointed out that the Obama administration passed the stimulus and drove the country down deeper into the recession.  Biden interrupted, and unfortunately the moderator did not control the belligerent Biden, who made a point of telling viewers to go to his website to read what he has to say.

At one point Biden turned his school yard bullying on the female moderator, pointing his finger and attempting to intimidate her into backing off the Obama administration.

As poorly as Obama did in his debate with Romney, I think Biden did even worse against Ryan. I do also believe that he will not be viewed by the general public as having done as poorly because simply, a big gas bag comes across with at least more confidence  than one who looks down and can't make eye contact. 
But ultimately do we want to continue  having a big wind bag in the white house? Barking patronizing stories about being poor, while the middle class continues to dwindle under the Obama administration.

Romney's Decisive Win Over President Obama

What will the liberal media on CNN and MSNBC say about the Ryan/Biden debate?

After Mitt Romney KO'd President Barack Obama decisively in their first debate on October 3, 2012, the liberal media went into a frenzy in effort to somehow make Obama look bigger than Mitt Romney. 

They had their work cut out for them.

Even extremely biased left wingers from CNN such as Soledad O'Brien, who was caught having her crew feed her data from Wikipedia while arguing with a conservative, have been caught in a moment of total honesty about the fact that Romney won decisively. 

O'Brien criticized Obama's weak performance and admitted that Romney was indeed the winner.
Soledad O'Brien is best known for her attempts to appear as though she knew "facts" that her conservative interviewee's did not. She had the CNN crew looking up information on Wikipedia and talking to her through her earpiece as she spoke in a sarcastic tone to her guests. 

Her voice was slow and mechanical as it would be in the event of listening through her earpiece and talking at the same time. some time later the whole thing was displayed on youtube, embarrassing O'Brien who had been smirking throughout her "debate" with conservative guests.

O'Brien has shown herself to be shamelessly supportive of Obama, no matter what he does, in the past.
The current alarming Libya cover up by the Obama administration has Soledad changing the subject and talking about big bird as often as possible when asked what she thinks of the total dishonesty of the Obama administration. 

Mitt Romney's superior debate performance has had such an impact on the liberals that some of them are afraid of looking foolish and flat out lying by stating that Obama won. Even the stubborn, left-wing nut job, Chris Matthews admitted the facts shortly after Romney's clear win over Obama.

 However, the truth couldn't last long.

The liberal press and the Obama administration have decided that the only chance Obama has is to say that Romney lied throughout the debate.

Its a weak argument, but among the extremely young and the not too terribly bright, it could influence some people, and it is the democrats only chance.

The fact is that if Romney were lying it should have been extra easy to dismantle him with the truth. Especially if one is the Commander in Chief. 

The democrats stated that Obama was just befuddled by it all.

Really? After his tough campaign four years ago, his four years in office, his current campaign, and the numerous press conferences, he is turned upside down by a man looking him in the eye, (not the sign of a liar), and talking about what needs to be done for the country? Poor little guy!

There were many un-truths told by Obama that have been backed up by video and audio evidence since the Romney/Obama standoff.   That reality combined with the fact that Obama often looked down, or in the opposite direction of Mitt Romney during much of the debate tells the whole story.

Romney is the best choice for president and it is obvious to any moderately educated and intellectually honest person. The democrats are grasping at straws in their hope to find enough dimwitted people who will listen to stories about what happened at the debate rather than watch it, and draw their opinions on facts.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Administration of Lies

What caused the 9/11 tragedy?

When dissecting the whole matter it becomes clear that the ultimate responsibility lies at the doorstep of Bill Clinton. 

During Clinton's presidency al-Qaeda attacked the U. S. Navel Ship, The USS Coal on October 12, 2000, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39.

Then president Bill Clinton made no military response. Therefore encouraging al-Qaeda. 

Going back even further. 
February 26, 1993 a truck bomb went off in the North Tower of The World Trade Center Tower. This was immediately after Clinton took office, and he said, "we will pursue this", but he proved to be all talk and no action. 

This led to the bombing in 2000 of the U.S. Embassy of both Kenya and Tanzania. 

Bill Clinton's strategy throughout these terrorist attacks was to deflect any attention away from himself.

During that time al-Qaeda had been planning the second attack on the World Trade Center. With such a weak response to the previous attacks the momentum was in full swing, and al-Qaeda was becoming bolder and viewing the U.S. as a "paper tiger."

After the 9/11 attacks Bill Clinton spoke out on the news that there were 1000 hours of al-Quaeda phone conversations that had never been translated. His immediate response was to try to blame George W. Bush, however, those 1000 hours were collected during HIS presidency and they were NEVER translated. 

Because of Bill Clinton's lack luster response, 9/11 was a total devastation. 

At this point after four years of Obama on one side of his mouth he is going after al-Quaeda like gang busters, and from the other side he is appologizing and not wanting to blame the current attacks on terrorism. 

The most recent attack in which the Ambassador and three other Americans were killed was blamed on a movie maker.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens had been asking for more security and it was refused. If this is proven to be accurate, the death of the Ambassador and three others rests at the doorstep of Hilary Clinton for refusing protection.

Why did they refuse to protect?

Because they did not want to create a combative impression.

LeVar Burton Wants Tax Payers to Fork Over $450 million to PBS

 LeVar Burton says that PBS provides quality programming at "no cost to the public." He was informed that PBS costs the public $450 million dollars per year.

LeVar Burton- Has No Clue
I am sure that LeVar is one who thinks that multimillion dollar corporations should be paying their fair share in taxes, yet he believe PBS should get tax subsides from we the people! 

When cornered, LeVar said that Nickelodeon and "Big Bird" will survive without the millions.

Liberal hypocrisy is at work again. 

$450 million dollars per year!   ......Yet, LeVar was under the impression it was at no cost to the public. It goes to prove that he does not know what he is talking about, and has no clue where the money comes from.

Nickelodeon does not have the subsides of PBS and it does do just fine without taking taxpayer money.

We need to cut spending. That is a fact! 

The country is in trouble and frivolous spending needs to be taken under control. Mitt Romney,  Business man, and Governor knows where those cuts need to be made, and LeVar, having lived high on the hog for many decades in show business, just can not understand the concept of cutbacks.

On a small scale we may think that an expensive educational game for our children is a good thing, but if it puts us in debt $100,000 that we do not have, then it was really not a wise move. The primary goal of the country is to get back on its feet by making cuts to protect the children of the future from our mindless spending. Its not rocket science.

 LeVar thinks that pulling $450 million out of PBS,  education will crumble. 
If we continue to pour $450 million on fluff, the country will certainly crumble.  LeVar Burton went spastic after being pressed on the subject. "Its about the kids", he said. 
The old stand by when celebrities and politicians want to appear philanthropic they say,  "its for the kids!"

Honestly, the kids will thank us for not spending $450 million on PBS that they are not watching, and sparing them the inevitable debt the kids are going to have to pay back in their future!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama Administration Betrays Ambassador

American Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were betrayed by the government because they had been asking for more security and were ignored.

Why were they ignored? Because the white house did not want to be viewed as being aggressive, or combative on the anniversary of 9/11.

The Obama administration had months of messages informing them of possible terror attacks. 

Had those four Americans lived they would feel betrayed by the Obama administration, including Hilary Clinton.

Upon news of the Ambassador's murder the Obama administration did not miss a beat in their effort to blame the ruthless murders of four Americans on an American filmmaker, when they knew that the film had nothing to do with it.

June 19th- Juneteenth- Freedom Day; Commemorate the Abolition of Slavery

Abraham Lincoln is responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation
Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th, and is an annual observance of When the Union (Republican Party) soldiers defeated the Confederates, enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation, which resulted freeing all of the remaining slaves, and its celebration dates back to 1865. (Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Abrahan Lincoln in 1863)
This is a tradition for many families and for some, and for others it is a a new celebration that they are just beginning to learn about. So, how does one celebrate this day?
Some families and individuals put their focus on who they see as the true anti slavery heroes and honor those people, such as Frederick Douglass, and Abraham Lincoln, while others like to pay tribute to the early black performers who continued to close the racial gap in the decades after the Civil War.
Block parties, picnics, and private parties are the buzz on Juneteenth.
Frederick Douglass wrote his autobiography in the 1840's.
Frederick Douglass wrote his autobiography in the 1840's.

Frederick Douglass

His autobiography was so well written, that he gave credibility to the Union Army, and the argument that slaves had the ability to be educated and live just as free people do.


After the Civil War, black people were free but, found themselves in a rather awkward predicament. They were still on the outside, and were now trying to see where they could fit in. One of the ways that they were able to express themselves artistically, and at the same time gain a level of social acceptance, was with their music.
It is difficult to comprehend this today, but music of the 19th and early part of the 20th century were very distinctly separated by race as was most everything else. Today, everything is so mixed up, that we don't really have those distinctions. White people performed classical music, and black people had had their own style.
The style of music that black people pioneered so well, and caused such a sincere appreciation by white people were Jazz and Blues for the most part. With such distinct and uncrossable color lines between white and black, I wonder where we would be today if it were not for that one thing that brings us all together , Music.
For this reason many who celebrate Juneteeth as Freedom Day, play music from Bessie Smith, Paul Robeson, and Clara Ward.
The songs of the day range from swinging Jazz numbers to Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Soul Food

This is not the day to be on a diet, because soul food is fun comfort food.
Preparing for a lunch or dinner with black eyed peas, and fried chicken is an art form of its own. There is not much that is more satisfying than real southern fried chicken.
There are a variety of foods and ingredients that you can bring to your party or picnic, such as Eggplant, cucumber, rice. These are all stapes to many soul food recipes.
Some may to go all out with pigs feet, and pig ears, as these are also some traditions, but those who eat tripe with cornmeal are a dying breed, the other animal parts are only for the true die hard live dangerously type.
How ever, you choose to celebrate, even if its in a quiet way, the important thing to remember is that even though this day does not get as much attention as many other holidays, it is still an important day to remember, and be thankful for.

Mitt Romney Won The Debate!....

On October 3, 2012 Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama had their first debate.

It has been speculated for over one month what the outcome would be. Many assumed Obama would win by a landslide, even Obama himself arrogantly and sarcastically told his crowd just days before the debate that Romney is a great debater while he himself is just okay.

The crowd laughed at the absurd thought of underdog Romney being a superior debater than Obama. They were sure he had no chance of beating the overconfident President. 

The impossible happened....

Romney looked relaxed, confident and secure with his stance from the beginning. Obama also appeared confident even to the point of arrogance.
Why was Romney so relaxed and confident? Because he was armed with the truth. Obama has not done what he promised and the economy is in the dumps.

But, within 20 minutes of the 90 minute debate Obama looked like he wanted to leave the podium. He looked down and in the opposite direction of Romney, avoiding eye contact with the governor.

Romney looked directly at the president while he debunked the flat out lies by the Obama administration toward Romney's campaign that have been continually spread through the left-wing media such as CNN and MSNBC.

Romney was gracious, professional and presidential. While Obama was completely lost without his teleprompter.

After the standoff the only thing the democratic party could do from reeling by the failure of the president is state that Romney lied throughout the debate. Unfortunately, if that were true his stance would have been pulled apart by now.

In Obama's own words before we won the presidency he said,"if you don't have a record to run on, then all you end up doing is demonizing your opponent." That explains all the recent attacks on Romney from the president and the liberal media. 

The "liar" attack on Romney is considered to be a new low in politics, but the democratic party is running on sheer desperation at this point.  Romney has never stated he would raise taxes on the middle class but the Obama administration has always tried to scare people by saying that he would. The democratic party hoped people would view Romney as an evil rich man who takes from little people.
Having listened to the governor's plan for over one year I can say that Mitt Romney's plan would reduce taxes on the middle class and free up the middle class in general.
Having been in business for more than 25 years, Romney has the understanding that the middle class are the most important group in this country. He knows that the country will not thrive and succeed without giving opportunity to the general population to get ahead. Obama, on the other hand, will raise taxes on middle class due to Obama care for one, and capital gains for another.
 Many democrats think that they will get FREE healthcare, however, they in fact will have to pay for healthcare. Every American will have to buy healthcare under Obama care and if they don't, they will be fined. This is more money coming out of our pockets and it is a tax.

 At least we currently do not HAVE to to pay a fine for not being insured. Capital gains and the inheritance tax that Obama has brought with him are two things that also keep the middle class down. People who inherit their parents home will often be unable to afford paying the inheritance tax, and parents who wish to leave their homes to their children can not rest assured that their kids will actually inherit all they are entitled to.

The tax burden means that the big hand comes in and takes a big chunk out of what you have been paying taxes on for decades. Its a double tax. Capital gains are one way that the little people of America turn themselves into big people. 

Jobs to not make people rich, wise investments do. And by hurting the middle class who make investments and try to get ahead through capital gains, Obama is assuring that this country be a tow tier country. Where the rich are very rich and the poor are very poor and unable to get out of the whole.

The democratic party has long been known for being poor losers. This is not the democratic party of your parents.
Not only are they poor losers, but they are becoming poor winners. When Obama won the presidency George Bush was heckled by the democratic crowd.
McCain and Palin have not been left alone since losing to Obama four years ago.
This arrogant and dogmatic attitude is growing within the democratic party is something hat has never happened in the past.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Liberal Interpretation

Sometimes I am simply baffled. I have heard some people say that liberalism is a mental disorder. This statement is often uttered when a liberal twists facts to something that they are more comfortable with. I have made a publication on hubpages about The intolerance of the Liberal Left, which I am pleased to say many people enjoyed. It was not meant to be hateful towards liberals, It was just my story coming from my life experience, and I do hope that it will make some liberals think about how harshly and unfairly they judge the Conservatives. That particular hub led to an excellent hub by super hub writer Ghost32; Liberal Rage: A Fresh Look st the Roots of the Tree. Naturally, these writings earned some disgruntled liberal comments. As I have been reading comments written by Democrats, I find myself thinking of that old saying, "there is no cure for the liberal mind." I can see that liberals interpret things differently. They tend to use their emotions, rather than concrete facts to fuel their decisions, and therefor that they say. I have repeatedly had to re-explain what I said, while each time I do this it hatches another invisible"statement" that the liberal reads into.

Then There are the False Facts

I don't like this at all. Its because this is what I mean when I say the liberals seem more like a cult. Serously, I have heard many conservatives say they don't think Newt Gingrich should run because of his past, while others have another opinion. This is not the case with the Democrats. They will defend their party and anyone associated with it till the death.

Obama Delivers un- American Statement

He has done it again. He attempts to create insecurity and doubt to make americans feel that they need help. What ever happened to "Yes We Can"? I guess its now, "We can if big daddy helps us.
I remember being told that in this country you can achieve anything you want. I have personally seen people rise from absolutely nothing to become very successful. All my life I heard Americans say that as long as they are willing to work had, and have a vision of what they wish to achieve, it would most definately happen for them. When ever I was in Europe for the summer or on vacation in other countries, i always looked forward to the contrasting American optimism that Americans believed in themselves.
Obama's marriage registry plea. Imagine if Romney had done that? Donate to Obama campaign

Democtats haven't done anything for women
Ambigous statement of everyone paying their fair share. Who dictates what the "fair share" is?

In the 1860's America is the only country in the world where "worker' is a job description rather than a badge of class. Most Americans seem to have truly believed, just as Lincoln said they should, that their lives would get better, that there was no limit to the vistas to be opened by ahrd work and imagination. The chose the new almostas a matter a course new htings to buy, new inventions, new ways of making or growing things. It was to cast off the shackles of status, of artisanal guilds, of long established trade practices.