Friday, October 19, 2012

Time to Boycott NBC News for Blatant Distortion of Facts On Zimmerman Case

I think that a News program or channel should be just that; News. I don't mean that there should be no fluff, as I realize the light presentations that often accompany the serious news are what keeps people interested. I do not, however, condone false news just for the sensationalism of it. Especially when someones freedom and right to a fair trial are at stake. This is why I am boycotting NBC News. 

When I first heard about the Zimmerman/Martin case I was disgusted with Zimmerman for hunting down an innocent looking kid and shooting him. As facts have been emerging over the past several weeks we have learned that Treyvon Martin was not just a kid walking, but a troubled youth who when confronted by Zimmerman, attached him. I have been questioned in my mother's gated community security guard. I just simply respond to the questions and move on. Does it feel a little intimidating? Yes. Is it a little insulting? Yes. But I realize that it is a gated community and that is what the guard is being paid to do. We also have seen the photo NBC was showing of Treyvon, is appears to be the most sweet, and innocent looking one in existence of this youth.

My point being that if they were presenting facts, they should use a typical photo that resembles the real kid, they obviously went out of their way to present this as an attack on an innocent victim. The final straw for me was when I heard the un cut tape of the real scenario. NBC had edited the recording so that Zimmerman seemed to be saying, he looks suspicious, he looks black. Actually, Zimmerman said, he looks suspicious because of the way he is darting around, after the 911 operator asked what the race was, Zimmerman responded, "he looks black."

 A far cry from the facts. Now the crazies are all coming
out and trying to use the case to their advantage. Zimmerman does not stand to get a fair trial. The black panthers, also known as the black KKK, are asking for Zimmerman's head. At this time we are hearing some facts, and a lot of distorted, emotional feelings that do not really have a place in the real trial. NBC has been Irresponsible considering there is a bounty on Zimmerman, and they have deliberately started a racial disturbance for the sake of sensationalism.

Treyvon Martin
 I don't believe that they have any place in risking the life of Zimmerman for their ratings. They are also guilty of doing the same thing decades ago with the Rodney King trial and again the OJ Simpson case. Justice can not accurately be served when there are so many distortions being presented in our own living rooms. 

I want the facts, because based on the truth, I will have an opinion, and I think that if I were a security guard and felt as though I needed to do my job, and in the process a young guy like Treyvon started to beat me, I would see my life, and the lives of my loved ones flashing before me, and I would shoot him too. I think when common sense is included in the equation, the facts are clear. Does anyone truly think that they, in Zimmerman's position, would just take the beating, hoping to survive it; and further hoping that Treyvon does not see the gun and shoot him with it? I don't think so. Because human nature in the fight or flight to save oneself.

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Writer- Victorio Valentino

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