Thursday, August 30, 2012

Democrats Protesting

Democrats hold signs that ask for respect. 

Its rater difficult to respect someone who is dressed as a vagina.

I for one as a woman find their vagina costumes extremely disrespectful.
A group of liberal protestors called "code pink" embarrass themselves and all women as they march in suspiciously contrived costumes of women's private parts. The liberal media, CNN, and MSNBC, to name a few, have been trying desperately to hide President Obama's incompetence by spreading a make believe "war on women" that supposedly is being waged by Republicans. 

As a political conservative I hear all that is said within the party and am particularly in tune to women's issues.  I have also heard Mitt Romney and other conservatives repeatedly have to say that they do not want to tell women what to do with their bodies as the CNN reporters smirk at the camera, edit the footage and air this propaganda to their gullible public.

Personally, I do not want everyone to have to pay for my contraceptives, and believe that it is our responsibility to make those choices for ourselves.

 What has happened to women? Why have they become so pathetic and weak that they want the government to supply their birth control?

That attitude is what I call a war on women. That is a very anti-woman attitude. The ultimate achievement for a man or woman is to be self sufficient and strong, not to be weak and need a sugar daddy or a big government to take care of us. If democrat women would stop dressing up as vaginas and go out and start up a business, or strive for a productive career as we conservative women do, they would not have to stand out in public dressed in embarrassing gear while asking for a hand out. 

The extreme left, as in the photo above, are asking for free abortions on demand. That proves the utter ignorance of this liberal mob. That further demonstrates a total lack of knowledge of this operation. I am a conservative who believes in abortion, but I don't think it is something that should be taken lightly. I am also a healthcare professional who has worked in this particular environment and seen many tragedies connected to this very serious surgery. 

 Abortions do permanent damage to the body, and there are many women (way more than your abortion doctor will tell you) who have never gotten pregnant again after having a legal abortion in their teens or twenties. There are also a great number of women who's child bearing years have been greatly compromised by abortions, and it is most definitely not something that should be performed free and on demand as a though it were a simple birth control measure.

Democrats have sunk to a new level of gross, disgusting, and pathetic protesting, and have managed to keep their own party delusional about the facts while remaining focused on private parts. 

Meanwhile- Republicans are taking an interest in repairing the economy and inspiring job creation through encouraging entrepreneurship.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Harry Reid Lies to America in a Desperate Attempt to Confuse Voters

    In yet another desperate attempt to manipulate the public Harry Reid lies about republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney gave his most expansive answer to date over questions about his tax returns, telling reporters Thursday he has "never paid less than 13.5 percent" in taxes over the last 10 years -- contrary to what Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid has claimed. Ooops!  

Does the democratic party have no shame?

    Romney had some choice words Thursday for Reid, calling the accusation by him that Romney didn't pay taxes for a decade "totally false."  Reid has not released any proof of his claim beyond saying he heard it from an anonymous source. Romney also scolded the press for their "fascination" with the issue, "given the challenges that America faces" -- high unemployment, millions in poverty and a potentially nuclear Iran. 

    The story that Reid spun seems to have been generated by the fact that the Obama administration has failed miserably in every way since taking office, and the only hope of winning this election is going to be to steer the public away from  the facts.

    Cut the Deficit in Half: The Romney campaign and other Republicans have repeatedly pointed out what they consider to be the biggest broken promise – the president vowing shortly after taking office to cut an "inherited" deficit in half by the end of his first term.

    The deficit was $1.4 trillion in fiscal 2009, according to the White House budget office. Even in 2013, the budget office projects the deficit will be nearly $1 trillion. 
“The president has not taken any serious action to tame the deficit,” Romney told reporters on Tuesday. “He has not done what he said was going to do and has left a lot of people in the middle class having difficult times.” 

    The liberal media is going to town trying to convince the public that because Romney is wealthy, he is evil and therefore unsympathetic towards their needs, while at the same time, the middle class and poor have suffered under the Obama administration as they never have under a republican administration. The public has already forgotten that Obama is the richest president we have ever had, and has never worked in the private sector. The liberals were excited by money and riches when Obama was running, but now that the liberal media has seen Romney in the running they have been grooming their listeners to hate and distrust the wealthy, except Obama.

    Liberal biased "news" channels such as CNN and NBC are having more trouble presenting their poor against the rich propaganda because Paul Ryan grew up in a working class family.  His father died when he was still a young boy and he worked in numerous menial jobs, something Obama has never done. But, as Ryan pointed out,  never in his life did he feel that he was stuck in a job.  He had the strength and hope that are characteristic of a conservative mind set. He knew that in this country he could use his intellect, hard work, and resourcefulness to achieve success, and he did just that. This is an area in which the democratic party preferres to keep the people weak, and trapped in the belief that they were born poor and therefore is no way out except government aid to maintain their status quo.

    The positive and determined point of view is the foundation of the conservative mind set, while the democrats tend to call themselves ninety nine percenters.  Republicans come up with ways to give themselves handouts through hard work, and democrats ask the government for handouts.

    Fix the Economy: Regardless of when the country’s economic problems started, the president also vowed during his campaign to fix the economy in three years. Fourteen months later, he said missing the deadline would make his presidency a “one-term proposition.”

The U.S. unemployment rate has remained above 8 percent for more than three years, despite the president's economic adviser predicting one month into the administration that the president’s roughly $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would keep unemployment below 8 percent and reduce it to about 6 percent in 2012.

    Increase Transparency: Obama once predicted that his administration would have an “unprecedented” level of transparency.
Lobbyists later told reporters they met with administration officials outside the White House in a possible effort to keep them off visitors logs. News agencies and others have complained about the difficulty in getting information through Freedom of Information Act filings. Most recently, the president used executive privilege to keep congressional investigators from getting more Justice Department documents on the agency’s failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-tracking effort.
"President Obama has run one of the least transparent administrations in American history," Andrea Saul said recently. "Whether hiding lobbyists in coffee shops, cutting back-room deals on ObamaCare, or concealing the records of Fast and Furious, President Obama's pledge to be transparent has turned out to be just another broken promise."
The Romney campaign has also posted on its website nearly two dozen reports that call into question the administration's transparency.
Obama supporters point to several promises that Obama has fulfilled, primarily reforming health care as well as making good on vows to overhaul the financial industry and help commercial-bank customers with a credit card bill of rights.
In addition, he has partially fulfilled a promise to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: The Iraq war is officially over while roughly 80,000 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan. Obama is still drawing down the U.S. force there. 
The administration and other Democrats also have repeatedly argued they had no idea about the depth of the economic downturn upon taking office.
“Republicans need to ask themselves the Reagan question , 'Are you better off than you were four-and-a-half years ago?"

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Liberal Hypocrite, Rosanne Barr Arnold

Rosanne before and after her numerous facelifts says she is a socialist

Another fine example of the hypocrisy of the kindhearted, open minded liberals is Rosanne Arnold, who wishes cancer on people who eat at Chick-Fil-A. She said, "anyone who eats S--t Fil-A deserves to get the cancer that is sure to come from eating antibiotic filled tortured chickens four Christ".

 The Hypocrisy and Intolerance of the Democratic party is nothing new. Those who take the time to observe the actions of liberals have often noticed that the left are forever guilty of what they accuse the right of being.

Liberals pride themselves as being open minded, while they continually label conservatives as "haters!" I think wishing cancer on people is as hateful a statement as I have ever heard. Rosanne is apparently upset because the owner of Chick Fil A believes in traditional marriage.  Many of the Democrats have now decided that all business owners who do not think a certain way should be closed down as punishment for thinking "differently".  Fortunately, a great number of the public have rallied against the dictating Democrats, much to the annoyance of the far left, including Rosanne.

Rosanne Arnold has stated in the past that she is a Socialist. A socialist is one who lives in a very modest way, never living high on the hog, and basically blending in with the general population. It is based around being "average", and not gaining anything far and above other "average" people. That being said, there are very few celebrities who have had as much plastic surgery as Rosanne has had.  Arnold is a fine example of a Capitalist woman purchasing what the true socialists could never afford. Arnold has qualified herself not as a socialist, but as another liberal talking out of both sides of her mouth. Lying, spinning stories, and making every effort to deceive the public. She preaches the gospel of socialism while practicing Capitalism. This is exactly what happens in communist and socialist countries. Those who do not have to suffer the real socialism have the luxury of "good" health insurance, and avenues for a better life, while the "little people" have to accept what is doled out to them.

A socialist when its convenient, apparently...

The New Rosanne.  After having over 100K of plastic surgery.  Without her practice of Capitalism, she would still be the distorted beast on the left.

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