Monday, October 15, 2012

Politicizing the Murders in Libya; The White House Lies

David Axelrod, and the democratic party are trying desperately to keep the public from focusing on the dishonesty of the Obama administration with regard to the murders of four Americans in Libya.

Mitt Romney

 Axelrod criticizes Mitt Romney for politicizing the Libya tragedy. The only thing David Axelrod has forgotten is that politics are always politicized, and his attempts to stop asking questions about the events leading up the the murders is the democrats way of politicizing the tragedy. 

Four years ago the American people were told to shut up and let the Obama administration push a stimulus package through without knowing what it was all about, and as a result, Americans still do not know what they agreed to pass. 

Now the democrats want Americans to leave Obama alone, and not question what is going on in his administration so that he can more easily be re-elected. 

 This time Americans must be inquisitive about what Obama and Hilary Clinton tried to cover up, and lot let themselves be bullied into silence by the Obama administration or the crooked democrats who will stop at nothing to keep pushing their party into the white house.

As obedient liberals write articles and spin stories about republicans and Mitt Romney, and how they should not be allowed to talk about this matter because it may hinder Obama's chances for re-election, it reminds me of the law they wanted to pass before Obama was first elected in 2008. 

There was such a powerful movement to push Obama into the white house, that liberals across the country were talking about passing a law that would make it illegal to say anything negative about Obama. 

This would not be the system of a free country.

David Axelrod and the democrats are again trying to push a Nazi -like movement toward the murders in Libya, and are sugar coating it with  "empathy for the families" of murdered Americans.

Sean Smith, Murdered in Libya
Axelrod stated that Christopher Stevens family does not wish for their sons death to be politicized, and Axelrod is now politicizing that statement for the gain of the Obama administration.

Sean Smith is also one of the murdered who's mother is furious with Obama and his shifty administration. She wants the democrats and the Obama administration to be held accountable for her sons murder, due to their lack of interest with regards to protecting Americans.

Honestly, the biggest white house scandal of all time is happening right now, and Americans are letting themselves be hushed by slick politicians such as Axelrod.  

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan paid tribute to Stevens and fellow Americans Sean Smith, Glen A. Doherty and Tyrone S.

Fortunately Mitt Romney has the guts to speak up about what went on in Libya. The democrats are now spreading lies about Romney on a daily basis in effort to frighten him into ignoring the deaths of four Americans. But Governor Romney is proving himself to be a strong and moral man in many ways.  He is is compassionate and concerned for those who were so savagely murdered on September 12, 2012.

It is refreshing to know that Mitt Romney is the type of man who would do the right thing while in the white house. 

Months before he was murdered, Ambassador Stevens asked the white house for more security, and was ignored. 

Why was he ignored? 

Because Obama did not want an open scandal while he was campaigning for re-election.

It just doesn't get any more political than that.

Within 24 hours of the murders Hilary Clinton was on television stating that the murders of these four Americans was the fault of a guy who made a low budget movie that was negative towards Muslims, Period.

The Obama white house covered up the fact that this was a terrorist  attack and they are still trying to keep Americans in the dark by sending out toadies such as David Axelrod, to use a lot of fancy rhetoric and blame republicans for trying to get to the bottom of things. 

That's right- Obama lied, People died!

Its the oldest manipulation tactic in the world. -

"If you can't blame the victims, blame the people who are trying to expose the criminal."

I am confident that the American people can see through the white houses lies, and its verbal jiu jitsu. 

The democrats are politicizing the murders by brushing them under the rug.

Only the hard chore liberals, who will basically say, "yes master," to whatever the democratic party has to say, will fall for this democratic song and dance.

This is America and we need to demand that the white house tell us the truth!

Regardless of his campaign for re-election....

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