Sunday, October 7, 2012

Obama Delivers un- American Statement

He has done it again. He attempts to create insecurity and doubt to make americans feel that they need help. What ever happened to "Yes We Can"? I guess its now, "We can if big daddy helps us.
I remember being told that in this country you can achieve anything you want. I have personally seen people rise from absolutely nothing to become very successful. All my life I heard Americans say that as long as they are willing to work had, and have a vision of what they wish to achieve, it would most definately happen for them. When ever I was in Europe for the summer or on vacation in other countries, i always looked forward to the contrasting American optimism that Americans believed in themselves.
Obama's marriage registry plea. Imagine if Romney had done that? Donate to Obama campaign

Democtats haven't done anything for women
Ambigous statement of everyone paying their fair share. Who dictates what the "fair share" is?

In the 1860's America is the only country in the world where "worker' is a job description rather than a badge of class. Most Americans seem to have truly believed, just as Lincoln said they should, that their lives would get better, that there was no limit to the vistas to be opened by ahrd work and imagination. The chose the new almostas a matter a course new htings to buy, new inventions, new ways of making or growing things. It was to cast off the shackles of status, of artisanal guilds, of long established trade practices.

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