Thursday, September 13, 2012

Democrats Keep Americans Down

America- its time to wake up!

The slobbering love affair with Obama ends now. Stop making excuses for the fact that he has done nothing positive or powerful to speak of since taking office! Stop saying that he speaks so well! Its all hot air!  That is very obvious now!

And stop living in a down economy, with high unemployment just because THEY are telling you that republicans wont give you free birth control, or because many successful people are republican.

It is your choice. You have freedom to achieve what you want in the United States. Stop making excuses! Stop being jealous! Wouldn't you rather become a happy and rich republican instead of a sad, poor democrat. It really is up to you. I was once one of the poor democrats until I decided to take charge of my life. Believe me. The other side is better.

On saying that, let me shut up the democrats now. I can hear it from your mouth before you even say it. I am not greedy, or any of the things that liberals like to call republicans and successful people.
I am a lot less greedy now than I was as a democrat. The reason being is I feel powerful now that I know I have the ability to achieve success. I turned my life around in many ways over the past few years, but stopping myself from thinking like a democrat is the single most destructive thing I was doing to myself.

Guest blogger-Bruce Demarco

Liberals Blame Movie For American Deaths

 Instead of blaming those Responsible for committing the murders. An Film Maker is to blame for Four Murders That Took Place in Another Country.

 CAIRO — Islamist militants armed with antiaircraft weapons and rocket-propelled grenades stormed a defenseless United States diplomatic mission in Libya, Sept 12,  killing the American ambassador and three members of his staff and raising questions about the radicalization of countries swept up in the Arab Spring.

The ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was missing almost immediately after the start of an intense, four-hour firefight for control of the mission, and his body was not located until Wednesday morning at dawn, when he was found dead at a Benghazi hospital, American and Libyan officials said. It was the first time since 1979 that an American ambassador had died in a violent assault. 

American and European officials said that while many details about the attack remained unclear, the assailants seemed organized, well trained and heavily armed, and they appeared to have at least some level of advance planning.  But the officials cautioned that it was too soon to tell whether the attack was related to the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. 

Sadly, the liberal media is not being honest and realistic withe the American public and have resorted to blaming a video posted online in the United States over two months ago.

Obama announced, "well, we've had a bad week," before a gathering shortly after learning of the Americans who were killed in this violent attack. He also gave a few "shout outs" before reminding the cheering crowd that there is going to be an election in 8 weeks. This president has stooped to a new low, along with Hilary Clinton and her talk of disgust for the Anti-Islam movie, without any disgust for the murders of Americans. The democrats have cow towed to Muslims to the point of accepting the murders of Americans in order not to offend Islam.

The focal point now is making the cast and crew members apologize for the film.

I may be old fashioned, but I believe that regardless of who criticizes your in a movie, you do not have the right to go out and kill innocent people.  I guess the democrats believe that murder is okay, provided you are Muslim and are insulted by something someone has said or done about your faith.  I know that if Christians began murdering innocent people in the street because MSNBC was criticizing Christianity, it would not be accepted. Muslims now believe that they can get away with murder because they know that the democratic party is desperate to get votes from American Muslims and will do what ever they can to make Muslims feel that they have power under a democratic majority.

As the democrats use this tragedy for political purposes; CNN has tried to pin it somehow to Mitt Romney, and Obama spoke out about the tragedy just so that he could get a few plugs for himself in the upcoming election.

Liberal Logic strikes again.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Democratic Convention 2012

Just What will the democrats talk about?

After one week of hard facts being dragged into the media about President Obama's failing fiscal record, top Democrats on Sunday defended the president's plans for cutting down the deficit -- but said balancing the budget now would actually be a bad idea.
Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod, speaking on "Fox News Sunday," repeated claims that Obama's plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade, bringing  the budget shortfall down to a point that would "stabilize" the debt. The plea from the Democrats now is, "he needs another four years in order to make the magic all happen."

But, when pressed, Axelrod would not say when the president's plan could bring the budget into balance. With the deficit clocking in at more than $1 trillion once again this year, he suggested that's not the goal in the near-term.

A recent Congressional Budget Office report said that if tax rates rise and sweeping defense cuts go into effect as planned in January, it could result in the economy contracting by .5 percent and unemployment rising to 9.1 percent -- even though the tax hikes and defense cuts would help to close the deficit.
The unemployment rate now is 8.3 percent.

But the Obama campaign remains at risk of appearing reluctant to act on the deficit, as the debt nears $16 trillion and interest payments on that debt rise. Republicans hammered that vulnerability this past week at their convention in Tampa, displaying two giant debt clocks in the convention hall and repeatedly noting that the debt had risen $5 trillion under his watch.
Four years ago there was a wave of optimism at the democratic convention as Obama trashed George Bush for doing the very things that he is guilty of, only on a much smaller scale. This time they will be having to use a lot of smoke screens to keep the crowd from remembering his talk about ending the war after being elected president, and not putting the country into deeper debt. 

The general thought about the upcoming convention is that they will talk about same sex marriage in an effort to avoid the economy issues. It's always effective democratic policy to spend a fair amount of time talking trash about George Bush. 

Of course one of the recent hobbies of democratic strategists is to say that Mitt Romney is bad because he made a lot of money in the private sector. Obama is the richest president we have ever had and its not because he worked hard in the coal mine, but that does not seem to bother liberals who are ready to stereotype anyone who is as smart as Romney is at getting things done, as "cold and mean."

As one who is suffering in this Obama economy, I don't care about who is mean, I want a president who knows how to stay focused and get the job done, and that person is Mitt Romney!

Paulo DiMino

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Narrow Minded Attack on Corporations

The big corporations that everyone wants to hate because they outsource to China. Blame the corporations.

Many things need to be factored in to understand why this is happening.

So many Americans who do not have a sense of how Corporate America works often fall into the over simplistic platitudes of the liberal talking heads.... And they are as wrong as wrong can be.

To explain why outsourcing to China has been so advantageous to so many American Corporations, you first have to look at the factors that made the oversees jaunt worth it. (Trust me, outsourcing is a huge pain in the neck) Unions, senseless regulations and horrible trade agreements have made it nearly impossible to sustain a business without outsourcing. I know this from direct experience.

If I make a widget here and price it at $100, then put it on the shelf next to another company's widget that is only $75 because they import or export the manufacturing or fabrication... which one is the consumer going to buy?  Answer: the other guy's because it is $25 cheaper.

It amazes me how many complain about "corporate America," as if outsourcing is their direct fault. They do not realize the government's hand in it all--and spending their money without any consideration of how or where and their buying was made.

We must have some very "conservative" moves that many liberal progressive utopians can't stomach in order to turn it around.

I worked  for Boeing in finance at various levels for 43 years and am now basing my comment on my experience which is extensive. Unless you have actually witnessed unions in action, which I have, you have no idea how detrimental they can be to a company.

Now that corporation is moving some of it's business to right to work states like South Carolina and what happened. NLRB and Obama's justice Dept (or lack there of) sue the corporation and the state because the whining unions in Washington State had a fit. Last time I checked we still work under the free enterprise system but not according to Holder and the rest of those imposters.

Enrique Hernandez