Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike Wallace, His Grand Career and Interview Style

Legendary News Man Mike(Myron) Wallace Passed Away from natural causes at 93 in 2012


When Mike Wallace wanted to know something he asked it.

 We have lost a news legend in 2012. Mike Wallace, whose inimitable style will not be forgotten. He passed away at age 93. In an age where many reporters seem to be genuinely concerned with themselves and how they will come across, Wallace seemed focused like a laser beam on the story. 

To see clips of Mike Wallace conduct an interview can be down right riveting. As a child watching 60 minutes, I was afraid of him. The camera would be so close up of interviewed's face displaying their discomfort while Mike asked his probing questions.

 I have since heard that Mike believed by doing this, the audience would see the truth. Even though I did not understand the interview, I recognized that Mike Wallace commanded respect, as many celebrities seemed genuinely intimidated by this man. There is no one like him today. He created interest by his serious and well researched questions, not because he was vulgar like wannabees, Bill Maher, who lacks the class and intelligence that is required for credibility and respect.

His son, however, Chris Wallace is an excellent reporter on the best and most trusted cable news channel, Fox News. With many of his father's greatest attributes, and bearing a close resemblance to Mike Wallace, he can be seen on Fox News Sunday delivering the news and and displaying a professional and intelligent persona that is quite a bit softer than is father's. Chris is intelligent, fair and trustworthy, but not frightening. Instead he is very approachable and extremely likable. There is no way to honestly dislike Chris Wallace.

Early Years/Myron Wallace

Mike Wallace was originally Myron Wallace, he was influenced in college to do public speeking and school newspapers, and planned on being a English Professor, but when he found his talent in speaking and writing, Mike Wallace immerged as an announcer, radio game show host of Information Please, in the 1930's. In the 1940's he was a staff announcer at the CBS radio network. During the 1950's he hosted a number of game shows, and even acted, before landing his big break with ABC's The Mike Wallace Interview. in 1968 he began 60 minutes, and then moved on to CBS. Mike Wallace did such a fine job of developing his serious interview style that it is difficult to imagine him doing anything else. He most definitely boosted the ratings of 60 minutes. Unfortunately, Mr. Wallace battled depression the last years of his life due to a scandal and lawsuit. He won a much deserved Emmy at age 89.

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