Sunday, October 7, 2012

Liberal Interpretation

Sometimes I am simply baffled. I have heard some people say that liberalism is a mental disorder. This statement is often uttered when a liberal twists facts to something that they are more comfortable with. I have made a publication on hubpages about The intolerance of the Liberal Left, which I am pleased to say many people enjoyed. It was not meant to be hateful towards liberals, It was just my story coming from my life experience, and I do hope that it will make some liberals think about how harshly and unfairly they judge the Conservatives. That particular hub led to an excellent hub by super hub writer Ghost32; Liberal Rage: A Fresh Look st the Roots of the Tree. Naturally, these writings earned some disgruntled liberal comments. As I have been reading comments written by Democrats, I find myself thinking of that old saying, "there is no cure for the liberal mind." I can see that liberals interpret things differently. They tend to use their emotions, rather than concrete facts to fuel their decisions, and therefor that they say. I have repeatedly had to re-explain what I said, while each time I do this it hatches another invisible"statement" that the liberal reads into.

Then There are the False Facts

I don't like this at all. Its because this is what I mean when I say the liberals seem more like a cult. Serously, I have heard many conservatives say they don't think Newt Gingrich should run because of his past, while others have another opinion. This is not the case with the Democrats. They will defend their party and anyone associated with it till the death.

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