Thursday, October 11, 2012

Romney's Decisive Win Over President Obama

What will the liberal media on CNN and MSNBC say about the Ryan/Biden debate?

After Mitt Romney KO'd President Barack Obama decisively in their first debate on October 3, 2012, the liberal media went into a frenzy in effort to somehow make Obama look bigger than Mitt Romney. 

They had their work cut out for them.

Even extremely biased left wingers from CNN such as Soledad O'Brien, who was caught having her crew feed her data from Wikipedia while arguing with a conservative, have been caught in a moment of total honesty about the fact that Romney won decisively. 

O'Brien criticized Obama's weak performance and admitted that Romney was indeed the winner.
Soledad O'Brien is best known for her attempts to appear as though she knew "facts" that her conservative interviewee's did not. She had the CNN crew looking up information on Wikipedia and talking to her through her earpiece as she spoke in a sarcastic tone to her guests. 

Her voice was slow and mechanical as it would be in the event of listening through her earpiece and talking at the same time. some time later the whole thing was displayed on youtube, embarrassing O'Brien who had been smirking throughout her "debate" with conservative guests.

O'Brien has shown herself to be shamelessly supportive of Obama, no matter what he does, in the past.
The current alarming Libya cover up by the Obama administration has Soledad changing the subject and talking about big bird as often as possible when asked what she thinks of the total dishonesty of the Obama administration. 

Mitt Romney's superior debate performance has had such an impact on the liberals that some of them are afraid of looking foolish and flat out lying by stating that Obama won. Even the stubborn, left-wing nut job, Chris Matthews admitted the facts shortly after Romney's clear win over Obama.

 However, the truth couldn't last long.

The liberal press and the Obama administration have decided that the only chance Obama has is to say that Romney lied throughout the debate.

Its a weak argument, but among the extremely young and the not too terribly bright, it could influence some people, and it is the democrats only chance.

The fact is that if Romney were lying it should have been extra easy to dismantle him with the truth. Especially if one is the Commander in Chief. 

The democrats stated that Obama was just befuddled by it all.

Really? After his tough campaign four years ago, his four years in office, his current campaign, and the numerous press conferences, he is turned upside down by a man looking him in the eye, (not the sign of a liar), and talking about what needs to be done for the country? Poor little guy!

There were many un-truths told by Obama that have been backed up by video and audio evidence since the Romney/Obama standoff.   That reality combined with the fact that Obama often looked down, or in the opposite direction of Mitt Romney during much of the debate tells the whole story.

Romney is the best choice for president and it is obvious to any moderately educated and intellectually honest person. The democrats are grasping at straws in their hope to find enough dimwitted people who will listen to stories about what happened at the debate rather than watch it, and draw their opinions on facts.

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