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Barack Obama Approval Rating, and Joe Biden

Barack Obama enjoyed a high approval rating when he first took office. 

Never before had a president had such a clean slate to work with. 

The media pumped him up in every way. 

Mitt Romney Barack Obama Debate

Even with some extremely negative attributes going against him, such as virtually no previous experience as a governor, and an obviously fudged up position as a Senator for several days that had been just a platform for his run for the Presidency, the general public ignored his shortcomings and welcomed him to the white house with the belief that he would surround himself with very knowledgeable people who would make up for his own shortcomings.

Obama supporters pointed to Joe Biden as prima facie evidence of his strong ability to make decisions and lead.

Joe Biden has been in politics since 1970, became Senator in 1972, and was re-elected six times. He had everything that Barack Obama was lacking in politics. A real history as a Senator, who served as county council, was chairman of  the Foreign Relations Committee. He also chaired the Judiciary Committee during the Supreme Court nominations of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. An impressive history indeed.

He also ran for the democratic presidential nominee in 1988, but ran into trouble due to a tremendous scandal in which he was found to be guilty of plagiarism on many levels.

He had made speeches that were written by other politicians and were used publicly in other countries. It was not difficult to pin down exactly where he had stolen his speeches. His blatant dishonesty was frowned upon during the 1980s, when Americans expected the truth.

Ronald Reagan had just been president and no matter what was happening in the Reagan white house, he told the American people the truth. Even at one point telling the country that he had made a mistake. All presidents make mistakes, but few admit it where thy went wrong and tell the American people.  America had been spoiled by Reagan, and was not about to settle on a guy would did not have what it takes to write his own speeches. Biden disappeared for a while, and George H. Bush was the next president of the United States. 

Joe Biden and Barack Obama

In 2008, Joe Biden was back with a vengance. He was seeking the presidency once again. He made an effort to run away with the democratic nomination up against Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards,Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson.

 Barack Obama was the nominee and Joe Biden would be his running mate, much to the delight of the democratic party.

Obama could be the smooth and likable guy for appearances and Joe could be the brains and experience. 

Shortly after the initial honeymoon with the liberal press, Obama and Biden began to show weakness in every way. 

Obama gave depressing speeches about the "Great Recession." His early speeches offered nothing in which Americans had been accustomed to.

The speeches were helpless, and negative, as opposed to upbeat, and with the attitude of pulling together to get out of the hole we were in. He was basically trying to condition the American people that he was not responsible for anything negative that was happening. He then famously blamed George Bush, the former Republican President for everything negative about jobs, real estate and the overall economy.

How long would the American people be willing to listen to this before they would make Obama start taking responsibility for his lack of actions.

Obama was soon receiving criticism for not taking the attitude that Ronald Reagan took the last time the country was in a recession, by rallying the country to prosperity with speeches of exceptionalism and tax cuts that would generate action.

The next four years presented little change as the country plodded along. 

Because Obama's campaign had been so powerful and so many people wanted to believe in him, he still had a high approval rating.

It was not until 2012 that those who were running out of unemployment benefits, students who who could not find jobs, and struggling families began taking a fresh look at the Obama administration.

Under the Obama administration long term unemployment doubled.
There were 2.6 million unemployed for more than 6 months when Obama took office, and by June of 2012, that number had soared more than 100 percent to 5.3 million.

On September 12, 2012 four Americans, including the American Ambassador to Libya were murdered in a terrorizing five hour attack. This was a terrorist attack that was in the works for several months.

The American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, had been asking for more security and stating that he was in fear for his life. The Obama white house ignored his requests due to not wanting to rock the boat during his own campaign for re-election.

Obama's white house made an effort to cover up the fact that America was the victim of another terrorist attack by reporting publicly that the reason four Americans were murdered is because an American made a 15 minute film that was negative toward Muslims. Hilary Clinton and President Obama both made a point of going on national television to tell the American public that this was not a terrorist attack, but an uprising due to the film being shown on youtube. 

It did not take long before the country discovered the truth and the white house began changing their story and stating that, "this could be the result of a terrorist attack."

 Even with negative job numbers, and a white house cover up, many Americans were not willing to totally give up on Obama until  the first debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. 

President Obama's administration had been filled with the same repetitive rhetoric for over three years, and it had always resulted in no improvement as far as job creations go and promises of higher gas prices and higher taxes. Yet people trusted him because they liked the way he presented his speeches. He appeared confident and knowledgeable while reading a teleprompter.

In October 3, 2012 Governor Mitt Romney showed Obama what a leader looks like. Americans saw for the first time in years a true commander in chief.

Barack Obama was clearly outclassed as Mitt Romney, a man with exceptional experience in the private sector and as a Governor, debunked Obama's negative propaganda that Romney would raise taxes. Romney pointed out how he would lover taxes on the middle class to stimulate the economy, and create jobs. 

Obama began to look down and in the opposite direction of Mitt Romney, clearly lost without his teleprompter.

Mitt Romney, Presidential Material
For many it was a first real look at the President. His lack of interest, experience and organization were obvious.

Immediately after the debate, all the money Obama was spending on the negative ads were overshadowed by the performance by Mitt Romney, and the weak showing by President Obama. The common sense of the American people was starting to prevail.

Numerous energized voters with a new and upbeat attitude toward the country casting their vote for Romney, and expressing a renewed confidence in the country.

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