Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Romney vs Ryan Debate 2 with Shill Moderator, Candy Crowley

The debate starts out civilized and calm, until the schill moderator, Candy Crowley interrupted Mitt Romney and allowed Obama to run on with a tremendous barrage of propaganda that he could not support by any facts. Governor Romney tried to defend his position and explain with facts when shill Candy stated that she needed to move on and would come back later.

Governor Romney had to get tough when Barack Obama resorted to Vice President Joe Biden's methods of lying and telling the crowd that Mitt Romney is the liar. Obama was well prepared with lies and manipulation, and would not answer questions directly. He then tried to instill fear in the hearts of Americans by insinuating that Romney's plan is somehow connected to the recession that we are living in right now.

Obama further put words in Mitt Romney's mouth in his attempt to brainwash the crowd into believing that these are in fact Mitt Romney's ideas.

Romney tried vainly to turn the debate into a fair presentation of both sides. It is truly un-democratic to have liberal moderators at all of the debates. This is reminiscent of the democratic convention having their "vote" on replacing god in their platform. The result had nothing to do with the question asked. The DNC had already decided to go ahead with it.

Romney tried on numerous occasions to explain the "facts" that democrats have been asking for, yet whenever he got a few good words out, the moderator cut him off and moved on to Obama. The president rambled stories and led the focus away from the failed economy and geared toward skin color.

It appeared that there was some kind of conspiracy between the moderator and Obama  to not let Romney speak.

Surprisingly, Obama would not shut up and heckles Romney as he tried to talk. The schill moderator at one point did say don't talk to each other back and fourth. Obama paid no attention to the request and went on making childish comments, interrupting Mitt Romney.

Romney sat respectfully while Obama looked right at him and told lies about what his own plan would be.

I had no intention of voting for Obama, but before this debate I thought Obama was a nice man, but a bad president, now I think he is the bottom of the barrel.

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