Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LeVar Burton Wants Tax Payers to Fork Over $450 million to PBS

 LeVar Burton says that PBS provides quality programming at "no cost to the public." He was informed that PBS costs the public $450 million dollars per year.

LeVar Burton- Has No Clue
I am sure that LeVar is one who thinks that multimillion dollar corporations should be paying their fair share in taxes, yet he believe PBS should get tax subsides from we the people! 

When cornered, LeVar said that Nickelodeon and "Big Bird" will survive without the millions.

Liberal hypocrisy is at work again. 

$450 million dollars per year!   ......Yet, LeVar was under the impression it was at no cost to the public. It goes to prove that he does not know what he is talking about, and has no clue where the money comes from.

Nickelodeon does not have the subsides of PBS and it does do just fine without taking taxpayer money.

We need to cut spending. That is a fact! 

The country is in trouble and frivolous spending needs to be taken under control. Mitt Romney,  Business man, and Governor knows where those cuts need to be made, and LeVar, having lived high on the hog for many decades in show business, just can not understand the concept of cutbacks.

On a small scale we may think that an expensive educational game for our children is a good thing, but if it puts us in debt $100,000 that we do not have, then it was really not a wise move. The primary goal of the country is to get back on its feet by making cuts to protect the children of the future from our mindless spending. Its not rocket science.

 LeVar thinks that pulling $450 million out of PBS,  education will crumble. 
If we continue to pour $450 million on fluff, the country will certainly crumble.  LeVar Burton went spastic after being pressed on the subject. "Its about the kids", he said. 
The old stand by when celebrities and politicians want to appear philanthropic they say,  "its for the kids!"

Honestly, the kids will thank us for not spending $450 million on PBS that they are not watching, and sparing them the inevitable debt the kids are going to have to pay back in their future!

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