Thursday, September 13, 2012

Democrats Keep Americans Down

America- its time to wake up!

The slobbering love affair with Obama ends now. Stop making excuses for the fact that he has done nothing positive or powerful to speak of since taking office! Stop saying that he speaks so well! Its all hot air!  That is very obvious now!

And stop living in a down economy, with high unemployment just because THEY are telling you that republicans wont give you free birth control, or because many successful people are republican.

It is your choice. You have freedom to achieve what you want in the United States. Stop making excuses! Stop being jealous! Wouldn't you rather become a happy and rich republican instead of a sad, poor democrat. It really is up to you. I was once one of the poor democrats until I decided to take charge of my life. Believe me. The other side is better.

On saying that, let me shut up the democrats now. I can hear it from your mouth before you even say it. I am not greedy, or any of the things that liberals like to call republicans and successful people.
I am a lot less greedy now than I was as a democrat. The reason being is I feel powerful now that I know I have the ability to achieve success. I turned my life around in many ways over the past few years, but stopping myself from thinking like a democrat is the single most destructive thing I was doing to myself.

Guest blogger-Bruce Demarco

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