Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Narrow Minded Attack on Corporations

The big corporations that everyone wants to hate because they outsource to China. Blame the corporations.

Many things need to be factored in to understand why this is happening.

So many Americans who do not have a sense of how Corporate America works often fall into the over simplistic platitudes of the liberal talking heads.... And they are as wrong as wrong can be.

To explain why outsourcing to China has been so advantageous to so many American Corporations, you first have to look at the factors that made the oversees jaunt worth it. (Trust me, outsourcing is a huge pain in the neck) Unions, senseless regulations and horrible trade agreements have made it nearly impossible to sustain a business without outsourcing. I know this from direct experience.

If I make a widget here and price it at $100, then put it on the shelf next to another company's widget that is only $75 because they import or export the manufacturing or fabrication... which one is the consumer going to buy?  Answer: the other guy's because it is $25 cheaper.

It amazes me how many complain about "corporate America," as if outsourcing is their direct fault. They do not realize the government's hand in it all--and spending their money without any consideration of how or where and their buying was made.

We must have some very "conservative" moves that many liberal progressive utopians can't stomach in order to turn it around.

I worked  for Boeing in finance at various levels for 43 years and am now basing my comment on my experience which is extensive. Unless you have actually witnessed unions in action, which I have, you have no idea how detrimental they can be to a company.

Now that corporation is moving some of it's business to right to work states like South Carolina and what happened. NLRB and Obama's justice Dept (or lack there of) sue the corporation and the state because the whining unions in Washington State had a fit. Last time I checked we still work under the free enterprise system but not according to Holder and the rest of those imposters.

Enrique Hernandez

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