Thursday, August 30, 2012

Democrats Protesting

Democrats hold signs that ask for respect. 

Its rater difficult to respect someone who is dressed as a vagina.

I for one as a woman find their vagina costumes extremely disrespectful.
A group of liberal protestors called "code pink" embarrass themselves and all women as they march in suspiciously contrived costumes of women's private parts. The liberal media, CNN, and MSNBC, to name a few, have been trying desperately to hide President Obama's incompetence by spreading a make believe "war on women" that supposedly is being waged by Republicans. 

As a political conservative I hear all that is said within the party and am particularly in tune to women's issues.  I have also heard Mitt Romney and other conservatives repeatedly have to say that they do not want to tell women what to do with their bodies as the CNN reporters smirk at the camera, edit the footage and air this propaganda to their gullible public.

Personally, I do not want everyone to have to pay for my contraceptives, and believe that it is our responsibility to make those choices for ourselves.

 What has happened to women? Why have they become so pathetic and weak that they want the government to supply their birth control?

That attitude is what I call a war on women. That is a very anti-woman attitude. The ultimate achievement for a man or woman is to be self sufficient and strong, not to be weak and need a sugar daddy or a big government to take care of us. If democrat women would stop dressing up as vaginas and go out and start up a business, or strive for a productive career as we conservative women do, they would not have to stand out in public dressed in embarrassing gear while asking for a hand out. 

The extreme left, as in the photo above, are asking for free abortions on demand. That proves the utter ignorance of this liberal mob. That further demonstrates a total lack of knowledge of this operation. I am a conservative who believes in abortion, but I don't think it is something that should be taken lightly. I am also a healthcare professional who has worked in this particular environment and seen many tragedies connected to this very serious surgery. 

 Abortions do permanent damage to the body, and there are many women (way more than your abortion doctor will tell you) who have never gotten pregnant again after having a legal abortion in their teens or twenties. There are also a great number of women who's child bearing years have been greatly compromised by abortions, and it is most definitely not something that should be performed free and on demand as a though it were a simple birth control measure.

Democrats have sunk to a new level of gross, disgusting, and pathetic protesting, and have managed to keep their own party delusional about the facts while remaining focused on private parts. 

Meanwhile- Republicans are taking an interest in repairing the economy and inspiring job creation through encouraging entrepreneurship.

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