Monday, December 17, 2012

Racist; Democrats or Republicans?

The Freedom Examiner is a compilation of writers who wish to express their own views that lay outside of the main stream. That is not to say that we don't agree with many issues that are presented by the media, but there are so many times these days when the news puts a slant on a story that is totally inaccurate or fuel charged in effort to get people charged up and angry. The discerning minded will not be part of the crowd all the time and in some cases, will never totally run with the group. Especially, with politics.

Personally, I learned to think more conservatively after spending time in Cuba and parts of Europe that were socialist. I thoroughly learned through experience that what the liberals are trying to do is bad for ALL American citizens. I also learned that in democratic states liberals hate conservatives with a mindless fanaticism that actually led me to never admit any of my conservative views because I just knew I would be called a lot of names that had nothing to do with my view points. Such as wanting low taxes, being allowed to carry weapons for protection, and for appreciating freedom to succeed. 

The typical liberal won't directly address those pretty typical conservative issues, instead they call us racist, when in fact our party was the anti slavery party that stopped black people from being treated as second class citizens, and talk a lot of nonsense that have nothing to do with what is really happening.

I decided that the liberal propaganda was so out of control that I began to speak about issues much to the surprise of many of my friends, that were not in line with liberal propaganda.  They were liberals and were therefore taught by MSNBC,  CNN or some other liberal media, that we are racist, and that is basically all its about.  The problem for my friends is they know I am not racist because they have been with me under every circumstance possible and they know without a doubt that I am anything but a racist. But they were so sure that being conservative means racism, that they had trouble being open minded towards something that they had been hit on the head with for so long.  After explaining that they have been duped into believing this by all the constant badgering by liberal shills, I proved it to them through introducing them to conservatives of all races and even taking them to a tea party, which they were surprised to discover was not even republican, but a mix of all political parties and all races. MSNBC and CNN deliberately only film the white people and will hunt out anyone who appears mad or intoxicated to display to their viewers as white racist and hateful people.

My friends have learned to at least question the way the main stream media presents republicans, and one girl in particular even said that she is starting to see that republicans are unfairly represented on television in every way. 

Had I never come out and talked about things, these people would not have seen the truth.  I endure abuse from angry liberals because I believe its worth it when at least one liberal learns that being republican means to have a passion for freedom, not a desire to act the way the democrats did in the 1860's and have black people picking cotton again.

Who is racist, Republicans or Democrats?

Clearly the democrats are racist if we have to choose one.  I do not even have to go back to the 1800s to come to this conclusion. I just received a name calling, and very ignorant email from a liberal today who called a writer here at The Freedom Examiner a racist because he wrote an article stating outrage over Obama politicizing the Connecticut shooting. 

This writer signed himself as "anonymous" of course. But in his writing it was clear that he misunderstood the article, believing that it said, "this shooting is Obama's fault." 

When a group of people are so blind as to freak out when they read something negative about "their guy" , we are in real trouble. One of the ironic things in the email was that it accused Mario De La Huerta to be a white racist, when he is Mexican and has African American relatives. Wrong again liberal!

One of my favorite things about the display of mindlessness was that he stood on a high horse saying that speaking in a critical way is "hateful" and "disgusting to say about a president." 

Although he signed himself anonymous, he used the same language on the Independent Politics Post blog a few minutes later and left a link to his blog which was a collage of curse words about George Bush and aggressive hate speech about Mitt Romney. Nothing that had any truth tied to it, just a bunch of name calling filth. His high horse about saying anything negative about a president went out the window when George Bush's name was linked to a string of racist and hateful curse words, and nothing more.

Again, many liberals have swallowed the Kool Aid without thought. They have been trained to shout, "Racist" at anything that upsets their agenda. Its not only wrong, and racist itself, but it takes meaning away from real racism. Come on Obama supporters, Lay off the Kool Aid and open your mind!


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