Monday, December 17, 2012

Obama Politicizes Connecticut Tragedy

President Obama has sunk to what many believe is a new all time low by politicizing the Connecticut Shooting. In one of the rare times that Obama, the most vacationed president, actually cancelled one of his trips to attend the memorial in Connecticut to "express his sorrow for those suffering" after the fatal mass shotting of 26 people.  But wait! Since when has the president shown real concern for people? 

Did Obama's Tears Look Real?

The American's who died in Libya were brushed under the rug while Obama campaigned and danced on televisions shows, laughing it up while American heros were put to rest. "I can't help feeling that when the Connecticut tragedy happened the president said, "Oh good! Now I can prove I am human and at the same time demand gun control," an unidentified woman at the memorial said.

The democratic party has long since been pushing for gun control, while Americans have stated we have always had the right to protect ourselves in this country and socialist and dictator driven countries do not have the right to own guns. This is the way it has always been, and taking guns away from citizens is not going to stop violence. Americans have sighted that workers in convenience stores are murdered every year, and the ones who survive are the ones who pulled a gun from behind the register. During these times of high emotion the extreme left are saying, "who cares about those workers, they are adults, and these were children who were killed." The liberals have neglected to see the whole picture. Those adults who are either killed in a late night convenience store or have defended themselves and survived can easily be the parent of at least one child.

As our world gets more violent, the innocent need more ways to defend themselves, not the other way around. Disarming law abiding citizens to control criminals is simply adding fuel to the fire.

The Independent Politics Post had something to say about this issue after Obama made his speech hours after hearing about the incident. Those who have worked alongside Obama in politics and even in college have said he shows little emotion in anything he does. He was described in a positive way by democrats during his first campaign for the white house as someone who seems like a robot. He had goals and went after them and no one really felt that they knew him personally because he was so "politics only." This impressed the democrats and they said that this is reason to vote for him. Now, however, the liberals have painted a picture of Obama's presidential opponent Mitt Romney, as someone who is all business and the 2012 election was 80% all about how Obama is the more emotional one. During the campaign Obama did do what he could to appear more human and basically ran differently than he had the first time, but now that he has taken the election, why would he be crying phoney tears?

Because had he said "that's it, we need to ban guns", people would have accused him of politicizing the tragedy to do what he has wanted to do all along- Disarm America! If he acts emotional, people will more easily listen to him out of believing he is reacting as a distraught parent as anyone else would.

Say what you want about democrats and Obama, but one thing is for sure. They have their agenda figured out. Every move is strategically planned, making the Obama white house the most corrupt administration America has ever seen.

Hold on to your guns. In case we are in serious trouble, you will need to protect your family rather than be taken hostage or shot down as in countries that have turned from freedom to communism over night.

  Writer- Mario De La Huerta

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