Friday, June 7, 2013

Democrat Hilary Rosen Waged War on Home Makers in 2012

CNN Democratic strategist is hardly a typical woman with whom the average woman can relate.
Hilary Rosen is hardly a typical woman who relates to the average woman.

Democratic Hate

How many times have we heard a Democrat state that one must not be judged by the color of their skin, gender, or circumstances, ect.? I hear it all the time! They basically want to say that no one should be judged harshly for superficial things, but instead, we should hear them out, and give them a chance to prove themselves. It all sounds great except they absolutely make no effort to practice what they preach, being non prejudiced and narrow minded only when its convenient to their party.

 This is why I feel so disgusted by the hypocrisy of the Democrats when I hear someone like Hilary Rosen, stating that " Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life." No one has a right to make such a statement about another person they do not know. What facts does Rosen base that statement on? We don't know what Ann has done in her private life. This is just more closed minded attacks by the left on conservative women, because the female Democrat politicians and the wife of the Barack Obama were not exactly poor and doing their own chores like the average American does. Not by a long shot! Some high dollar shopping that would make the average American woman turn green is practiced regularly by Michelle Obama.

Just because Ann Romney married a wealthy man who has the brains and ability to make money, the democrats want us to think that that Ann Romney never works, and they further want to discredit anything that she has to say. Liberal Rosen knows how to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 5. Ms. Rosen also stated that Ann Romney should not be given any credibility because she can not relate to the average woman. A childish and narrow minded assumption; that a rich woman just sits in a castle all day and having her nails and hair done. - Almost never true!
When I see Ann Romney, I don't see a spoiled woman at all. She is far more down to earth in her attire and her speeches than Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi. She is also a homemaker. This is the job that many women in the Untied Sates do. Its also a position some career women have been at some point of their lives. A difficult job that gets little respect from those who have never taken on this position personally. Hilary Rosen's remark is a slap in the face to all homemakers who have been dismissed for "lying around the house while being taken care of." Hilary Clinton on the other hand is a politician, something most women will never be in their lives. Are we supposed to think that politician Hilary Clinton is someone who can relate to the average woman? It is these lame comments that turn discerning people away from the CNN commentators. When they become desperate, the claws come out and they attack the wives of Republican front runners, their children, and anything else they can to distract people from the truth.

Do They Think Michelle Obama Shops At K-Mart?

The liberals have taken to trying to make Americans think that Republicans are rich and therefore bad, and unable to be in touch with the average person. I recall watching CNN some time ago, and the commentators began showing the homes of Republican's and they all had very nice homes, of course they left out the enormous mansions of the Democrats. It was a typical, contrived display to arouse resentment in people who were struggling during the height of the recession.This was the same tactic they pulled while Obama was running for president. I recall that they downplayed Obama's wealth and talked about Palin's clothes. So I wondered why CNN was not showing us their favorite punching bag's home. Why didn't they show us Palin's home? I did some research and found pictures of her home inside and outside. It was incredibly modest and just did not fit the picture they were trying to paint of Republicans.By all means the CNN commentators would rather dream up a " War On Women", than let people observe the candidates and their wives to arrive at their own opinion.

Not Many Women Spend Their Lives in Politics

Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Hilary Clinton are all wealthy women who do not live in any way like the average woman, however, I am not motivated to vote for someone because they are living like the average person anyway, this is just an example of a typical attack of Republican Mitt Romney's wife being turned around, to prove that this is obviously a pile of donkey.

Ann Romney's Speech

Fortunately for independents who are confused or swayed by liberal biased "news" stations Ann Romney delivered an excellent speech at the GOP convention. Anyone who has not seen the GOP convention should tune into FOX News online to see what the facts really are. Ann and Mitt Romney were not living high on the hog when they met, and they struggled as young couples do.
It is not an easy life to be trying to raise a child and provide a home as your husband is attending law school. Ask any woman who has been in a similar position to Ann's. Most couples do not survive a medical or law student spouse. The strain and pain of going about life alone as your partner has no life because of a never ending barrage of exams is tortuous for many women, and a great number of my school mates who married into this situation ended up envying their friends who had husbands who were taking them out on weekends and partying. It is so easy to look at the end result of success and feel resentful and jealous, but the fact is most people do not have the patience to be patient and kind to each other while trying to achieve it.
The fact that she and Mitt stayed together through the tough years to raise admirable children and achieve success is evidence that they are a good team who plan things together and have what it takes to make things happen no matter what life throws at them. As Ann says, "we do not have a story book marriage, but we have a real marriage." I would say that it is a real good and solid one.

Ann Romney
Ann Romney spoke in a very down to earth manner

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