Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is Snopes False?

The short answer is yes. One of the things that caused Snopes to lose its credibility was that 100% of the negative rumors about Republicans checked true with Snopes and 100% of the negative information about Democrats checked false. Its not rocket science! 

Even the most serious Kool Aid loving Democrat has to admit that Democrats are guilty of wrong doing and all the smooth talking BS that Snopes piles on in effort to make the wrong doing actually necessary, and would never have even happened had it not been for a Republican, is a little far fetched.

As soon as a scandal about president Obama or a prominent Democrat hits the airwaves, Snopes has "debunked the rumor as right wing propaganda" and when facts are hitting the airwaves debunking a falsehood about a Republican, Snopes is right there debunking the debunking. Snopes over did their cheer leading and as a result, a great many people have learned to distrust the sight, and rightly so.

At this point only the Democrats who blindly wish to stand by their party regardless of what they are doing to the people, are still using Snopes as a means of justifying whatever it is they wish. These are exactly the people you will see littering the internet in defense of Snopes. They have articles stating that a particular damaging email that circulated a few years ago was all wrong, and that in fact Snopes is legitimate. However, an independent minded person need apply just a little common sense to see the truth.

During the days that Snopes was gaining credibility and no one was questioning their credibility, I was seeing through things quite easily. When a liberal would decide to check something out on Snopes, he was always gratified after reading what Snopes had to say, and he seemed to know that something from Snopes would "prove" that the Republicans are bad and the Democrats are good. Sure enough, instant gratification. The "explanation" as to why Republicans are wrong and Democrats are right. I was suspicious from the beginning! Finally, the aggressive Independents saved the day, by tracking how quickly the excuses, accusations, and explanations were coming out. Way too soon for any real research to have been applied, but just enough time to concoct a story.

Independent politics has called Snopes a "misinformation site." Stating that their mission is to keep people from learning the facts.

Snopes is run by run by Barbara and David Mikkelson, who met in liberal California. The site is organized by topic and includes a message board where stories and pictures of highly questionable validity are posted.

Since much research has gone into the discovery of the truth about Snopes, the sight has made more of an effort to balance a few things out. They make sure to throw a few negatives about Obama into the mix, in order to add legitimacy to their presence.

Fortunately, more and more people have learned to avoid Snopes all together, and with good reason. Weather you are Democrat or Republican, your concern should be to learn the truth and misinformation my either, MSNBC or Snopes should be despised and turned from. 

Most of us want a free country, and the only way to hold onto the good things that we love, we must not allow manipulators to rule the airwaves.

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