Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama vs Romney Second Debate Polls

After being decisively clobbered in their first debate Obama has been clearly coached to be aggressive at all costs in this debate. When Romney and Obama squared off on October 3, 2012 Mitt Romney looked Obama in the eye, looked comfortable and answered all questions thoroughly while Obama looked down many times and even looked in the opposite direction of Romney. He made attempts at putting words in the governors mouth, by saying "his plan is to raise taxes on the middle class." The type of rhetoric that has helped keep people to dislike romney for fear that he will tell them that women can't work anymore, or that due to he being rich, he will want to hurt the middle class.
Romney debunked the most blatant lies in a matter of minutes early in the first debate and Obama was visible angered by the Govner's assertivness.
Even the most flaming liberal stations and their toadies were admitting that Romney won the debate.
Next Paul Ryan met Vice Presient Joe Biden for their debate that will probably go down in history as the most bizarre attitude in vice presidential history. Biden was rarely, if ever honest in his exchange with Ryan, and even accused Ryan of being dishonest. All the while he wore a prop smile on his face, and interrupted often. Biden was so aggressive that he even bullied the liberal moderator who lost control of the debate.
Who actually won was a toss up. Some belived that Ryan had the facts and therefore he won, while others stated that Biden won because he was so aggressive and domineering.


Writer- Monique Vargas


  1. Its too bad America could not see through Obama. Romney would have been an excellent President!